Last Battle Story

Kathleen Yoos & Mary Ellen Mann

Sexual abuse & sexual assault are an epidemic—one in three women globally will be affected by this tragedy. It is one of the most destructive and costly crimes against humanity.

Sexual trauma has been a reality in both of our lives.

Kathleen & I understand what it can feel like to work through this terror & pain. We share your questions, rage & doubt. We’ve fought the battle to reclaim our souls & our bodies from the excruciating effects of being violated.  We grieve what was taken without permission, while we work at planting seeds of hope for the sake of all of us.  

Last Battle encourages survivors (a.k.a. Princess Warriors) to come out of the shame that never belonged to them. We encourage you, Princess Warriors, to stand up for yourself and not let this injury control you. Try to remember that the perpetrator never earned your allegiance.

Last Battle is based on biblical principles. We believe God can redeem this atrocious & destructive reality, personally & globally. We acknowledge that sexual violation can cause one to question her purpose & meaning.  We’ve learned that God welcomes your doubt & encourages all of us to engage with Him in our recovery.

Last Battle stands with you, Princess Warrior, in the storm of your inner grief & rage. We hope we can be trusted to be a safe place. Together let’s transform your agony into comfort, your silence into voice, and your fractured soul into wholeness—confidence, purpose, drive & creativity. We stand with you as Princess Warriors.

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