We have said that there is a battle raging for our souls – we are engaged in this as warriors. We have stated that the Bible is clear that, as children of God, we are royalty. These two statements are the origin of this framework for identity.

When you hear Princess Warrior – what comes to your mind?


The violation I endured left me feeling fractured and weak. I lived the majority of my life wondering who I was and what meaning there was in my life. I described my life to many people as feeling fragmented into different identities. It was the hidden identities that controlled how I really felt about the meaning in my life.

When my sister and I first spoke about the concept of the princess warrior, the identity – that had felt broken for so long – began a process of transforming into something whole. For the first time in my life, I can accept those hidden parts of who I am, recognize them, feel them, talk about them – and still see myself as one person.

As I understood more about the raging battle for my soul, I realized my purpose could be about nothing other than engaging in this fight. The bible is clear that those who call themselves God’s children are members of a royal family destined for greatness. To me, this means that I have a future filled with the spectacular and that God will provide nothing less than what I need to live out my purpose as a warrior.

God loves me in the midst of the battle and has also allowed me to see that I am precious even when I stumble and fall – even when I don’t act or feel like a warrior. In this way he says to me that I am his child, a princess lovable for all of my parts and pieces. This is the wholeness only He can provide.

My hope is – whether you are a man or women, a survivor, someone who supports a survivor, or someone that cares about this issue – that this framework for identity will affect you and give you a touch of the truth that can transform your life.


Kathleen Yoos
Kathleen is the co-founder of Last Battle with her sister Mary Ellen Mann. It is her hope that Last Battle provides you meaningful tools about the issue of sexual violation as you engage in your own personal journey.

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