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Engage in the Last Battle organization as we share our purpose and vision with you. Learn about the story behind Last Battle and our plan to address the issue of sexual trauma.

Mary Ellen Mann, LCSW on Sexual Violation: taped before The Duggar Incident

The new groundbreaking book, From Pain to Power: Overcoming Sexual Trauma and Reclaiming Your True Identity by Mary Ellen Mann.

Mary Ellen Mann discusses sexual abuse and the need to address the survivor population differently with the gospel message.

This short film is a poignant look from the front lines of the war waged by sexual trauma. Discover the issue, it’s impact and how healing can become a reality.

Mary Ellen Mann spoke to a crowd gathered at Grace College for the Beaman Home’s Guardian Angel Fundraising Luncheon.

The Debbie Chavez Show featuring Mary Ellen Mann

PODCAST: How to overcome sexual trauma and reclaim your true identity

listen to the radio interview

Mental Health News featuring Mary Ellen Mann

PODCAST: Sexual Trauma Recovery – The Last Battle with Mary Ellen Mann, LCSW

listen to the radio interview

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