From Pain to Power


From Pain to Power is an informative and compassionate road map for those healing from the trauma of sexual abuse. The Christian perspective of this valuable resource will help many women heal not just emotionally and physically, but spiritually as well. Mary Ellen’s vulnerable sharing of her own journey will encourage others towards the restoration and freedom she has found.

—Milan and Kay Yerkovich, authors of How We Love and How We Love Our Kids

From Pain to Power validates and gives hope that healing, love and joy are possible after the humiliation and degradation of sexual violation.

–Marilyn Van Derbur, advocate, speaker and author of Miss America by Day,

From Pain to Power is a beautiful book that brings hope to those who have suffered from the darkness and devastation of sexual violation. Author and counselor, Mary Ellen Mann does a masterful job in describing survivors as Princess Warriors who have suffered the battle against their royal birth and rightful femininity. I highly recommend this book to survivors of sexual violation and those that love and care for them.

–Boz Tchividjian, J.D., Executive Director, GRACE,

From Pain to Power is a must-read for women across the globe who bear the tumult of sexual violation. The title alone tells a story: to be labeled as both a princess and a warrior is a reflection of preciousness and strength. We must recognize the sacred value of survivors of abuse, while acknowledging and encouraging the power of their voice. This book is a great tool for those who work with survivors to help them stay the course in their healing. You, too, can step into her journey and help her reclaim her life as you learn to restore her value and purpose.

– Kimba Langas, Executive Director, Free the Girls,

From Pain to Power is a journey into the battle wounds and resulting scars of a survivor of sexual violation. You are also given a road map to help her find healing and wholeness again. Read this book to be part of the solution to this epidemic concern.

–Dale Ingraham, Co-Founder, Speaking the Truth in Love Ministries; President, MK Safety Net; Pastor in Campbell, NY

In my twenty-three years as a journalist, I’ve encountered all kinds of cases of abuse and objectification. Mary Ellen has written a guide not only for those who’ve been victimized, but for all of us. From Pain to Power is a step-by-step journey of self love, faith, and understanding. It speaks to anyone grappling with doubt and beautifully elevates those who have spent too long blaming the wrong person: themselves.

—Brooke Wagner, anchor of Good Day Colorado

Mary Ellen Mann has brilliantly taken a painful and often confusing topic and offered a solid path to move forward—beyond the scars and heartache. In a powerful weave of truth and reflection, she teaches readers how to not only understand abuse and pain, but to aggressively fight against it. This is a ‘go-to’ book for years to come.

—Gari Meacham, president of Truly Fed Ministries and The Vine Uganda, speaker, and author of Truly Fed: Finding Freedom from Disordered Eating, Spirit Hunger, and Watershed Moments

Mary Ellen Mann uses her personal narrative and engrossing story to provide clear strategies for transformation. As a therapist who has seen men and women struggle with sexual violations for more than twenty-five years, I would recommend From Pain to Power to every church leader, counselor, and Christian parent.

—John DeVries, executive director of development at Shelterwood Academy

Mary Ellen Mann’s From Pain to Power is an excellent resource for sexual abuse survivors. Told with candor, backed by clinical practice, and full of scriptural insight, this book will help anyone battling back to health after the devastation of rape.

—Mary DeMuth, author of Not Marked: Finding Hope and Healing after Sexual Abuse

This powerful book truly validates victims of sexual trauma while empowering them to walk with God, using spirituality as a tool; also a helpful resource for therapists working with sexual trauma victims.

—Roopa Kurse, MD; adult, child and adolescent psychiatrist

Mary Ellen Mann walks hand- in-hand with women overcoming sexual trauma. She exposes the lies of the world and reveals the truth God yearns to share with us—we are more precious than silver, more costly than gold, and more beautiful than diamonds. From Pain to Power journeys through the effects of sexual violation and leads to the reclamation of every woman’s worth as beloved daughters of God.

—Shannon Ethridge, relationship coach, speaker, and author of numerous books including the million-copy best-selling Every Woman’s Battle series

You are a hero! Read this book and you will be able to look in the mirror like a Navy Seal who says ‘I will never quit.’ Mary Ellen is personal, informative, and loving as she champions you to be a warrior in your story and to know that you are a gift from God. Read this book and the impact, growth, and change in you will be recognizable.

—John E. Davis M.A., author of Extreme Pursuit, president and founder of 2xtreme

What a powerful resource for sexual abuse survivors and those who care about them! Drawing from her own personal and professional experiences, as well as her deep faith and heart of compassion, Mary Ellen Mann takes the reader on a hope-filled journey—from the dark tunnel of pain and trauma, onto paths of insight and truth, and ultimately to the high places of redemption and healing. You, or someone you love, can be whole again—this book will show you how.

—Sandi Banks, author of Anchors of Hope

From Pain to Power: Overcoming Sexual Trauma and Reclaiming Your True Identity braids together three distinct elements—psychology, theology and a memoir of sexual victimization, survival and eventual thriving restoration. Author, Mary Ellen Mann provides biblical and theological depth with facts about the prevalence, impact and methods for healing after sexual violation has occurred. 

She welcomes readers into the journey of reclamation of purpose, vision and vitality. As a survivor of sexual trauma, and a psychotherapist that works directly in the field of trauma, she guides others but also validates and resonates with them.

Mary Ellen Mann defines the survivor as a warrior who is embattled because of her priceless value as a mouthpiece of God’s glory and truth. Those who have survived the atrocity of sexual trauma are identified as “princess warriors” .

She encourages the reader to understand that God welcomes the princess warrior’s angst and rage.  Survivors of sexual trauma are encouraged to examine how God’s omnipotence intersects with the free will He gave humans to help or to harm.

She provides an approachable and personal way to show that the Trinity is true. Jesus really did die a martyr’s death and rose again. Such evidence helps the princess warrior in her recovery over the darkness and death she has endured.

She provides ample scientific evidence that trauma incurred by sexual violation is an injury to the brain and body, not a disorder.

Mary Ellen shows the benefits received when the princess warrior takes care to define her life—which stands individually as a “Sacred Castle.”

Special features of this book:

  • Scripture to encourage healing in God’s faithful friendship
  • Meditations
  • Daily prayers
  • Prayers for spiritual warfare and ending generational sin
  • Psychotherapy exercises to improve self-concept
  • Identification of trauma bonds
  • Seduction methods used by perpetrators and ways to avoid them
  • Methods to protecting children from sexual predators
  • Ways to avoid boundary violations in various relationships
  • Communication techniques to improve empathetic listening and constructive dialogue
  • Ways to provide therapy, parent, and be married to this population of princess warriors
  • Ways to preach, teach and approach the population of sexual trauma survivors with practical methods of engagement in dialogue and acts of service

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