The Princess Warrior

When a woman experiences sexual trauma, all too often she is haunted with blame and silence. Because of this, the event(s) of sexual trauma can create a crisis of belief, hope and meaning. However, because she is made by the hands of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords, she is in fact designed as royal and unblemished. The crime of sexual trauma stings her soul, often convincing her that she is damaged, unworthy.

The truth is her royal design is inherent and nothing can take that away.

Join me as I guide you through the reality of the battle on women’s lives spiritually and relationally and how you can overcome these battle scars with dignity, strength, and power. You can reattach to the promise of your true and inborn design as we stand together against the lies, the pain and the misunderstanding we often face in the world at large.

What is a Princess Warrior?

She is royalty made by the royal hands of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. This King and Lord has known her and wanted her in His family since the beginning of time.

She is an heir to the throne of Christ who is designed to live in His love and truth.

She is the first and last of her kind. No one has her DNA, her thumbprint, her preferences, quirks of character, or her story.

She is built for greatness and freedom, and for a holy cause that has eternal significance.

She has battle scars formed from the war waged on her femininity.

She was targeted because she is designed with greatness.

She is a world-changer with scars.

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