Last Battle Goals

We’re an outreach that offers recovery to survivors of sexual abuse & sexual assault (a.k.a. Princess Warriors) & guidance for those who care for them. If survivors of sexual trauma know that they are heard & valuable after visiting our site, we consider it a success. If those who care for them feel they are more knowledgeable and equipped to help, we consider it a success.

As the co-founder of Last Battle, I wanted Princess Warriors & those who care for them to know that they’re worthy of overcoming sexual trauma & that you, Princess Warriors, have every right to reclaim what was taken without permission; thus, the development of my book, From Pain to Power: Overcoming Sexual Trauma & Reclaiming Your True Identity.


Provide a forum for the voices of survivors and those personally affected by sexual trauma

Describe the issue and it’s implications

Establish a caring, faith-based community

Provide practical strategies for recovery

Re-define and honor the identity of the survivor

Connect Survivors to local and world-wide resources

Advocate to address this epidemic on a national and international level

Collaborate with other organizations to meet the needs of survivors regardless of their location, race, sexual orientation, gender or religion

Develop a network of community organizations, lawyers and mental health professionals who share our goals (COMING SOON)

Last Battle Topics

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