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The Survivors’ Blueprint to a Life Of Victory

“Restore to Yourself What was Taken Without Permission.” —Mary Ellen Mann

There is an epidemic, cloaked in darkness and shrouded in silence that has claimed more victims than any other disease known to humanity. It defies all borders and festers in every nation and tribe. This sickness thrives in secret, striking without warning and leaving its victims forever changed. Though it goes by several names, it can be adequately expressed by this term—sexual trauma.

According to the United Nations Development Fund for Women Report in 2013, one in three women across the globe will be sexually assaulted in her lifetime. In fact, every 90 seconds, somewhere in America, someone is sexually assaulted. As a result, each year hundreds of thousands of women face the challenge of recovering the identity and purpose they once knew.

In From Pain to Power: Overcoming Sexual Trauma and Reclaiming Your True Identity (WaterBrook Press), licensed clinical social worker and Columbia University graduate, Mary Ellen Mann, combines her expertise, personal experiences, and deep Christian faith to empower women to forge spiritual weapons, confront the enemy of their souls, and rise up as “princess warriors.”

“I want you to know that I resonate and empathize with you because I am a therapist,” Mann explains. “But far more than that, I walk with you as a restored and redeemed Princess Warrior—a woman who has waged battle against the assault on her life, a woman fighting against the forces that have persuaded both you and me to question hope, security, and our sense of meaning.”

Mann’s writing exudes the authenticity and compassion of a fellow comrade determined to help women transcend the pain of sexual trauma. In this fearless guide to healing through Christ, Mann also provides invaluable tools for spouses, parents, church leaders and even therapists of those struggling with the aftermath of sexual violation.

As one of the most courageous and thought-provoking books of its kind, From Pain to Power gives women an opportunity to reset their lives and teaches them that while, “the injury wrought by sexual violation was not [their] choice…recovery is.”

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